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"...Perhaps the most vivid performance is delivered by Richard Leighton as Gus, a bearish man from Eastern Europe who likes to drink, stays out all night and is loud and flamboyant... Leighton is excellent in his transition from boorish to benign, etching a deeply sensitive and emotional sketch of a man who had little to begin with and now has lost everything. "

"...Finally, there is the towering work of Leighton, a seasoned actor who so disappears into Gus’s worn-out, worn-down (yet still feisty skin) that it seems less a performance than a simple, yet highly complex, act of being."

"...However, the standout performance belonged to Richard Leighton as Gus. Leighton takes the audience on a journey that starts with a larger-than-life partier who stays out all weekend despite his ailing wife back home, to a broken down man with nothing left to live for. His choices are big and bold, and the audience hangs on his every word for his efforts."
Culver City News)

"…superb revival at Ruskin Group Theatre…inspired, supplied by a dream cast…and intensely-focused Richard Leighton steals the show as volatile Gus, who carries Miller's most tragic throughline to house-stilling fruition…"
(David C. Nichols,
Backstage West)

"...A Memory of Two Mondays is a profound production... The show would not and simply could not be the same, however, without the phenomenal performance offered by Richard Leighton as Gus."
The California Theatre Critic)

"...the performances here are what make the play. Each of the affectionately realized in Miller’s words and brought to life by a cast who have definitely found the reality of their characters. Most poignant is Leighton as Gus, whose behavior runs the gamut from Falstaff-style mirth to choked sobs, to reckless debauchery."
Santa Monica Mirror)


"…The self-obsessed personalities are exceptionally well-characterized by a quintet of splendid, and great-looking, actors under Noah Blake's colorful direction. Leighton's performance is a gem, character- and accent-perfect…" (Shaner, Back Stage West)

"...The black holes in Lucy’s life...her ineffectual, dipso dad, Mick (a nuanced and sympathetic portryal by Richard Leighton)"
LA Weekly)

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